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Moving in Moscow: important details

Home moving

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and Nerves,

turning the home move from distress  towards joy and a new comfortable life.  

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Office moving

Prices for rental of real estate in Moscow do not want to fall, and the current location of the company becomes expensive. Or your office is scheduled for major repairs. This means that soon there is expected to be an office moving, and sad, anxious thoughts are creeping into yuor head about all the problems, suddenly standing out on the horizon ...

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Our experts will provide the full range of services for the apartment, an office or summer cottage moving in Moscow or the Moscow region with high quality and in a  short time!

At any time we are ready to provide you:

  • Accurate loading and unloading of belongings with full financial responsibility 
  • Professional disassembly-assembly furniture with a guarantee on the work 
  • Packaging materials with anti-scratch surface, protecting things from mechanical damage 
  • Special vehicle, equipped with devices to prevent falling / rubbing / sliding of transported items 
  • Do not worry something forgotten or missed in a conversation with the dispatcher, ordering your moving: our managers themselves will ask you all the necessary questions concerning the future relocation, to avoid any "surprises"


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